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Kim Dotcom's Mega launches an acquired Android app for its first foray into mobile

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Mega, the cloud storage service launched earlier this year by former Megaupload mogul Kim Dotcom, has officially released its first mobile app. The Android version of Mega isn't quite a new product: as the developer notes point out, the company acquired and relaunched an unofficial third-party client, with reviews on Google Play stretching back to February. The app already included most of the features one would expect in a mobile cloud storage service, including automatic uploading from a camera and various options for browsing and sharing files from Mega.

The acquisition doesn't seem to have changed a great deal, though the latest update includes several bug fixes and a new, Mega-sanctioned design. So far, Android is the only place you can get an official app, but Dotcom says this will be changing soon, with an iOS version and a Windows client in the "final stages of development." Dotcom has positioned Mega as a more secure version of Dropbox, though its encryption quality has been questioned. It does, however, have one major tangible benefit: it offers 50GB of storage for free, far more than you'd get pretty much anywhere else.