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Sony beats Google to rolling out phone location service

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Sony’s answer to Apple’s Find my iPhone device location service has begun rolling out across the globe. Earlier this year, Sony announced a limited beta of the app — called My Xperia — beginning in the Nordic countries, but now Sony Mobile says that it’s releasing the software globally over the “next few weeks.”

If you have a 2012 or 2013 Xperia device you will be able to activate My Xperia from your phone’s settings. Once it’s enabled, a visit to the My Xperia site will let you sound alerts, find your phone on a map, lock it down, and erase internal and external storage. It’s surprising that three years after Find my iPhone there’s still no Google location service distributed with Android, but Xperia owners out there will no doubt be happy about having a first-party way to track down their phones.