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Samsung's record $8.3 billion profit isn't enough for worried investors

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Samsung stock
Samsung stock

Samsung today released guidance for its latest financial quarter, and to the average eye they're very positive. The company's early figures reveal an operating profit of 9.5 trillion won (around $8.3 billion) from 57 trillion won ($49.9 billion) revenue. Those are the highest revenue and profits Samsung Electronics has ever posted, but despite the record-breaking figures, investors aren't happy.

Samsung's record profits fell short of expectations by six percent

The disconnect between record numbers and analyst disappointment should be familiar to anyone who has followed Apple's fortunes over recent years. Analysts and investors look for consistent, positive growth, and new opportunities for income. When they saw Apple's meteoric rise begin to slow, they began to get cold feet. Reuters reports that investors hoped to see profit closer to 10.16 trillion won ($8.89 billion), meaning profit was 6.4 percent off expectations, a shortfall of around $690 million. Profits and revenue are both expected to increase next quarter as the company unveils new products and the Galaxy S4 and its variants see wider availability.

SamsungyahooSamsung stock price since January 1st 2011

Despite Samsung's head of mobile JK Shin recently revealing the company had shipped 20 million Galaxy S4 smartphones — making it Samsung's fastest-selling phone ever, and by association the fastest-selling Android phone ever — financial news outlets consistently report that the company's flagship is underperforming. The market is looking for Samsung to outsell everyone. It's looking for a phone that will beat Apple's iPhone. And although the gap is definitely closing, Samsung's not there yet.