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Play this: 'Bit.Trip Runner' comes to your browser with 'Commander Video'

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Commander Video
Commander Video

You can already play the excellent Bit.Trip Runner and its sequel on a huge number of platforms, but developer Gaijin Games has decided to bring the series to one more: your web browser. Commander Video is a browser version of the game, and while it's obviously not as big or complex as its PC and console counterparts, it's still plenty fun. The automatic runner has you jumping, sliding, blocking, and kicking your way through a level filled with gold coins and treacherous enemies, all while trying to get as far as possible before your inevitable death. It's not the most original concept, but Commander Video is buoyed by its challenging, procedurally generated world and terrific retro-style art and music. You can check it out now at the source link below — just beware of spiders.