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Sky's Now TV streaming service comes to PS3, almost a year after Xbox

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now tv ps3 stock 2040
now tv ps3 stock 2040

Now TV, the UK streaming TV service owned by Sky, is now available on the PlayStation 3. The cross-platform service was unveiled a year ago and almost immediately made the jump to Xbox 360, but Sony’s PlayStation has been a comparative laggard, only entering public beta in May of this year. Sky’s announcement makes the PS3 the last of the platforms announced at launch (including Roku, iOS, some Android devices, and Silverlight) to get supported.

Now TV gives you à la carte and subscription options for movies — £0.99 to £3.49 for a single rental or £15 a month for a Sky Movies Pass, but not so for sports — you can buy a 24-hour Sky Sports day pass for £9.99, otherwise you'll have to pay £22 a month for Sky Sports on top of your pay TV subscription. If you’re ready to give Sky’s service a shot on the PS3, head over to to register and grab the download from My Channels on your PlayStation's XMB.