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One week later, questions still surround the Yarnell Hill Fire tragedy

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Yarnell Hill Fire (Flickr)
Yarnell Hill Fire (Flickr)

On June 30th, 19 firefighters lost their lives in a blaze known as the Yarnell Hill Fire in Arizona. And while an investigation into just what went wrong is still ongoing, a new piece in the New York Times hints at a few possibilities — including communications problems and the fact that many firefighters end up working past the point of exhaustion. It also explores some of the more personal aspects of the tragedy. "I remember when he left that morning, we both felt kind of defeated," Juliann Ashcraft, wife of deceased 29-year-old firefighter Andrew Ashcraft, explained. "He wanted to finish out this season strong and then think about when he might change to a profession that's a little more family-friendly." Be sure to check out the piece in its entirety in the Times.