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Facebook rolling out Graph Search in the US starting Monday

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Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is to begin rolling out its new Graph Search tool to all American users this Monday, July 8th, according to reports in The New York Times and ABC News. The feature, which has been in beta since January, allows users to conduct advanced searches with metadata stored on Facebook — an example might be "Friends who like the Beatles," or "Restaurants in Tokyo liked by my friends."

At first, Graph Search will come to people in the US and others who use the Facebook website in American English. The rollout will reportedly take a few weeks to reach all of those, and there is no information about when the feature might come to other countries and languages. It's also unclear when a mobile version might see release; Graph Search only works on the full Facebook website at present.

Update: Facebook officially announced the expansion of Graph Search late Monday morning to all users who have US English as their language setting. Facebook also said that it would begin prompting users to adjust their privacy settings to control what information of theirs' and their Friends appears in the Graph Search results. Earlier in the weekend, the company posted a YouTube video demo showing just how to adjust these settings (embed below).

But Facebook also said it has even more updates lined up to immediately follow Graph Search, including a mobile version: "This is just the beginning," the post on Facebook's newsroom reads. "We're currently working on making it easier for people to search and discover topics, including posts and comments. We’re also working on getting mobile Graph Search ready." Until then, users will be able to kick the tires on the desktop version.