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Spotify for Windows Phone 8 updated, kills beta tag and adds track scrubbing

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Spotify originally debuted on Windows Phone 7, but it took a few extra months to make the leap to Windows Phone 8 with a beta release in February. Starting on Monday, Microsoft is removing the beta tags and releasing what it calls a "big" update to the Windows Phone 8 version. Microsoft's manager of Windows Phone, Joe Belfiore tweeted about the upcoming update, noting that it includes more languages, offline playlist improvements, and track scrubbing.

Surprisingly, the existing Spotify Windows Phone app does not include scrubbing, meaning it's not possible to fast-forward or scrub through a track. Belfiore notes that "you may need to wait a few hours for the app to be available," and we'll update this article once we get a full list of all the changes.

Update: the app update is now available, complete with a visual scrubber for music tracks. There are no other major changes to report.