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3D printing maniac builds entire film SLR camera with $30 in parts

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Film cameras are sadly a dying breed, but 3D printers are just starting their march to the mainstream consumer market. Thankfully for 35mm film devotees everywhere, the latter could ensure that analog cameras never disappear entirely. Specifically, thanks can be directed at Léo Marius, whose OpenReflex camera can be 3D printed with just over $30 worth of parts (minus the film). Marius says that all of the involved components can be printed in under 15 hours, and final assembly can be completed in about an hour. To make modifications and further iterations on his design easier, he's also made sure that all camera parts remain separate in his 3D design plans. Even better, he's promising compatibility with any glass you've got on hand thanks to a custom lens mount.

As for what images from the OpenReflex actually look like, Gizmodo likens the results to a Lomography camera, and we'd agree with that assessment. If you don't have access to a 3D printer, or find the price of renting one cost prohibitive, there's still hope: Marius says he'll consider crowd funding a batch of OpenReflex cameras if there's enough interest. But if you do want to try building your own, all the necessary prints and instructions are waiting here.