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Twitter updates iOS, Mac, Android apps to finally sync direct messages

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Twitter for iOS app icon
Twitter for iOS app icon

Twitter is in the process of rolling out updates to all of its apps that include a sorely-needed feature: direct message syncing. From now on, Twitter says that when you read a DM on one of its official clients (Tweetdeck, Twitter for Mac, Twitter for Android, or on the Twitter website), it will be marked as read across anywhere else you check. For anyone who uses DMs on a regular basis, this is a great addition — no longer will your account be plagued by the familiar "unread" dot whenever you check your messages on other devices.

There are a few other changes included, as well. There's a new quick reply area when you click through to a tweet's details when using the iPhone app; Twitter says will help facilitate quicker conversations. The Mac app also was updated to include more details under the "connect" tab — now, instead of simply seeing just @ replies, users will see retweets, follows, and favorites. It's essentially the same view that the Twitter website shows users. Twitter's blog post indicates an update is coming for Android devices as well as Tweetdeck that'll enable the DM syncing feature, but those updates aren't live quite yet. However, the Mac and iOS app updates are available to download now.

Update: Twitter for Android has now been updated and is available in the Google Play Store.