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Bigfoot's DNA sequence doesn't exactly stand up against analysis

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Unsurprisingly, there are a number of issues with the science behind the Bigfoot DNA sequence published earlier this year. Ars Technica took a closer look at the scientific methods used to analyze the alleged Bigfoot samples, pinpointing quite a few weak points and numerous assumptions. Dr. Melba Ketchum, the forensic scientist behind the research, may have put too much faith in the analysis methods, interpreting inconsistencies as proof that the samples were unique, as opposed to exploring the possibility that they didn't actually come from Bigfoot. It is way more likely that the samples were just poorly preserved and possibly contaminated, which lead to the unusual results. Dr. Ketchum stands her ground against the skeptics, believing that the analysis proves the existence of Bigfoot beyond a reasonable doubt, but everyone else can rest peacefully knowing exactly how these strange scientific conclusions were reached.