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Tour the best sci-fi interfaces from film and TV with Kit FUI

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Iron Man 3 HUD 640
Iron Man 3 HUD 640

The fictional computer interfaces built for movies and television shows have a symbiotic relationship with reality, using existing technology as their jumping-off point while also driving our aspirations ahead by envisioning what could be just around the corner. A site called Kit FUI makes exploring those different visions even easier.

Self-described by its creators as an IMDB for interfaces, it reveals the people and companies behind the designs — usually with an assortment of images — letting users drill down by title (everything from Armageddon to Iron Man 3), designer (Bradley G Munkowitz was the graphics design director for the boardroom scenes in Tron: Legacy), and company (the interfaces in Star Trek Into Darkness were created by a firm named Oooii).

Designs from concept videos, commercials, and short films are cataloged as well. All told, it's a tour not just through the ways in which we re-envision how to interact with computers, but of the talented people that do the imagining in the first place.