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'Grand Theft Auto V' gameplay finally revealed in new trailer

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Grand Theft Auto V art
Grand Theft Auto V art

Up until now, most of what we've seen of Grand Theft Auto V has been about the story and the trio of new characters that dwell within. With its latest trailer, Rockstar has finally provided a better look at how the upcoming blockbuster will actually play. The nearly five-minute-long video provides a good look at the fictional city of Los Santos, which looks to have a nice amount of variety, with everything from urban locations and beaches to what Rockstar describes as "untouched wilderness."

The video also details how having three main characters will influence the structure of the game, and shows off some of the many diversions you'll be able to partake in when you're not pulling off heists, including, golf, hunting, and, um, yoga. You can even invest in the stock market and real estate. Perhaps most interesting is the ever-so-brief glimpse at multiplayer towards the end of the trailer, which shows players flying jets. We should be hearing more on GTA V's online multiplayer soon.

GTA V is launching September 17th on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, where it will come with a hefty mandatory install.