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Nokia's cancelled 10-inch Windows RT tablet allegedly pictured

Nokia's cancelled 10-inch Windows RT tablet allegedly pictured

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Nokia was building its own Windows RT tablet that was set to debut earlier this year, but sources familiar with the project have revealed to The Verge that it was cancelled in favor of a full Windows 8 version. Alleged images of Nokia's RT tablet have surfaced on a Korean forum this week, showing what looks like a 10-inch tablet running Microsoft's Windows RT operating system. Five images posted to a Naver Cafe forum dedicated to games also show a charging port that the poster identifies as a magnetic connector similar to the MagSafe used on MacBooks and on Microsoft's Surface tablets.

Nokia's Windows RT tablet is said to be running on Nvidia's Tegra 3 processor, a detail that sources confirm is genuine. HDMI and USB ports are also present, and the poster notes the tablet includes a SIM slot located near to the headphone jack that supports LTE connectivity. There's no sign of a battery-equipped cover that Nokia was working on for its tablet, nor details about the fast charging feature. The poster claims he "got it from someone who works at Nokia" as a gift. It's said to have the model number "Nvidia P1001," perhaps backing up the prototype nature of Nokia's tablet efforts. We've reached out to Nokia for comment on the device, and we'll update you accordingly.

Hyunhu Jang contributed to this article