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Apple reportedly testing slow-motion camera for future iPhone

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iPhone 5 closeup stock 1020
iPhone 5 closeup stock 1020

Code hidden inside of Apple's latest iOS 7 beta may reveal a major camera feature in development for an upcoming iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is testing a feature that allows users to shoot video in slow motion, using high-speed video capture to provide an increased level of detail. By capturing video at high frame rates and then playing them back at a slower speed, slow motion videos often appear incredibly crisp and detailed. The iOS feature is reportedly codenamed "Mogul" and can capture video at 120 frames per second (FPS). While its code exists inside of the current iOS 7 beta, it apparently can't be enabled on existing devices due to hardware limitations, suggesting that only future products would be capable of supporting the feature.

The addition would help to put the iPhone's camera on par with the Galaxy S4, which already offers a slow motion video capture mode. Right now, the iPhone can only shoot at up to 30 FPS, though Apple has announced that iOS 7 will double that for certain devices. Of course, just because the Mogul mode is present in the iOS 7 beta doesn't mean that it'll see the light of day when the operating system is released this fall.