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What's inside Nvidia's Shield gaming handheld?

What's inside Nvidia's Shield gaming handheld?

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How, exactly, did Nvidia manage to cram the guts of a game controller and a smartphone into a portable console? Teardown and repair site iFixit has the answer: it pulled apart the Nvidia Shield to show you the guts of the handheld.

You can see how the cooling system works, pulling air in through the front lip of the device, and using an actual honest-to-goodness fan to exhaust it out the back. iFixit also discovered that quite a bit of room inside the bulky console is devoted to three hefty, cylindrical 18650 lithium-ion batteries. That's a standard, commodity battery type, so you could theoretically replace them with higher capacity cells, but these ones sadly appear to be permanently attached to a circuit board. You'll also find your first glimpse at an actual production Tegra 4 processor, loads of potentiometers, and plenty of modular buttons.

Perhaps you've read our review of the Nvidia Shield, the Android gaming handheld that can also stream games from PC, or read through our forum post where we tackled your burning questions, but this is your first chance to see the inner workings of the device. Find a host of high-res pictures of the Shield's insides at our source link below.