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Retina iPad mini 'likely' coming this year: WSJ

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iPad mini LTE stock 1020
iPad mini LTE stock 1020

The high-resolution screen of Google's new Nexus 7 made quite a splash when it was introduced earlier this month, but it looks like it will be stacking up against a Retina version of the iPad mini later this year. The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple's suppliers are gearing up for a new mini with a high-resolution display to be released in the fourth quarter of this year. Apple is said to be sourcing the displays from three different companies: LG, Sharp, and Apple's mobile rival Samsung. According to the Journal's sources, Cupertino had originally intended to rely just on LG and Sharp, but has decided to use screens from Samsung to ensure it can meet demand.

Apple is also said to be considering a colorful array of back covers for the new mini (the current product comes in either black or white color schemes). The Journal does caution that Apple has been known to change its mind before bringing products to market, but with the new Nexus earning high marks across the board it's only logical that Apple would want to compete on all fronts. Whether it will be able to battle against the Nexus 7's $229 starting price, however, remains to be seen.