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RSSurrection: The Old Reader to rise again with dedicated development team

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The Old Reader founders
The Old Reader founders

If you've been lamenting the closure of RSS reading app The Old Reader, its founders have some surprising news for you. After cutting new user registrations and announcing it would cease development of the web app just three days ago, The Old Reader team updated users with news that they have "received a number of proposals" to resurrect the service, later adding they were confident that it would reopen, but with "a proper team running it."

The team's updates suggest the company has been able to find funding or will end up handing over development to another party. Both Digg and Feedly moved fast to develop and overhaul their own RSS readers in the wake of Google Reader's termination on July 1st. The team described their life as "hell in every possible aspect we could imagine" as they tried to keep pace with rival services. However, It appears this may no longer be an issue and the team say they will provide another update later this week, signing off their blog post with a grovelling apology: "Sorry about Monday. Again."