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Google adds TV shows to UK Play Store ahead of international Chromecast launch

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Google Play UK TV Shows
Google Play UK TV Shows

Google has boosted the content available on its UK Play Store with the addition of TV show downloads. Bringing its store closer to feature parity with iTunes, Google now includes popular shows like Doctor Who, Homeland, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead in its listings, pricing episodes at £1.89 for standard downloads and £2.49 for high-definition shows. While full season pricing fluctuates between titles, Google matches Apple on many single episodes.

Today's launch is the first time Google has offered TV shows outside of the US. With its new Nexus 7 tablet and low-cost Chromecast streaming dongle expected to launch internationally in the coming weeks, the company appears to be positioning its store to cater for TV fans that want to watch their favorite shows on an HD display. Right now, the store's selection is limited, but Google is grappling with the same licensing issues that affect Netflix and LoveFilm in the UK, meaning you can expect the catalog to expand over time. TV shows can be downloaded and streamed to Android devices but web users are limited to streaming only.