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Moto X coming to all major US carriers, but AT&T nabs exclusive on color options

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Moto X 1024
Moto X 1024

The new Moto X is coming to every major carrier in the United States. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile will all be offering the handset starting at $199.99 on contract, with smaller provider US Cellular also planning to include Moto X in its lineup. The $199.99 price tag gets you a Moto X with 16GB of storage; select carriers will also sell a 32GB model at a higher premium. (AT&T has priced it at $249.99.)

Here's the bad news: while its rivals will all be carrying the phone, AT&T has managed to land a huge exclusive. At launch, it's the only US carrier where you'll be able to customize the Moto X's physical design. Placing a web order through Moto Maker allows AT&T subscribers to choose one of two colors for the phone's front casing, and pick between a total of 16 options for the back. Color customization also extends to the volume rocker, power button, and camera ring. And buyers can even have their name or a short message engraved on the Moto X. In store, things work a bit differently. AT&T is only carrying black and white at its retail locations, but you can order the phone and take home a redemption card to customize your device before it ships.

AT&T has dibs on one of the most appealing things about Moto X

Everywhere else, you'll choose between the black or white hardware — and that's it. Needless to say, that's a major bummer for customers on competing carriers. Motorola wasn't shy about teasing customization as a standout feature of Moto X, and seeing it relegated to a sole carrier (even if only temporary) is disappointing. We suspect it won't be long before eBay plays host to a booming market of colored Moto X components. Thankfully Motorola says other carriers will offer customizable hardware later this year. The bottom line is that regardless of what network you're attached to, the Moto X will be available to you.