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Amazon Collections copies Pinterest's layout to display your wish list

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Amazon has had a recommendation engine and wish list features for years, but today the massive shopping site launched Amazon Collections, a visual representation of recommendations for things you might want to buy and items you have added to your wish lists. If Collections looks familiar, it should: the layout and design of the product is virtually identical to Pinterest, where users have been saving items found across the internet that they want to buy at some point in the future.

With Collections, users start with three basic default lists, but they can create others and save items that they want as they browse Amazon. Collections also lets shoppers discover other new items to buy based on other users' activities. You can follow users that have similar interests, just as you can do in Pinterest, but it's not yet possible to find existing friends on the service. Users can also browse through default categories for fashion, books, movies, and music.

For its part, Pinterest isn't standing still. The site announced just today that users can get notified when an item they pin drops in price — a useful feature if you ever actually plan on buying the item. Pinterest also has more robust social features than Amazon's basic friend and follow features, but Amazon could easily extend their capabilities in the future.