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See Matt Damon rip the head off a robot in 15 minutes of behind-the-scenes 'Elysium' footage

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damon elysium bts 640
damon elysium bts 640

Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium,' a tale of sci-fi class warfare, won't hit theatres for over a week, but you can already watch Matt Damon wrestle with robots, duke it out with baddies, and generally have a great time playing a disenfranchised dystopian worker having a very, very bad day. He's all smiles after using his superhuman cyborg strength to bodily toss an assailant through the floor, and it's pretty incredible to watch him nonchalantly run up to a camera with a shotgun and fire it point-blank into the lens.

Watch all that and many more behind the scenes antics in the video below. Just be aware it takes a few minutes to pick up, and the video seems to pause abruptly at about three minutes in. You'll want to skip past that.