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Watch this: the Perseid meteor shower offers up August fireworks

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Perseid meteor shower
Perseid meteor shower

Do you like space? Heavenly bodies? Bright flashes of light streaking through the night sky? Well, you're in luck: the annual Perseid meteor shower will be at its most dazzling on Sunday and Monday, a fireworks show courtesy of comet dust hitting Earth's atmosphere at over 134,000 miles per hour. At its peak, viewers in dark areas can expect more than one shooting star per minute.

Speaking of dark areas, if you take your Perseids seriously, you're best off leaving the city behind and heading out to higher, more rural ground where the night sky is at its brightest. And — of course — hope that weather patterns don't give you too much trouble. If they do, you can follow along with NASA's live Ustream coverage of the shower, accompanied by commentary from experts in the agency's Meteoroid Environment Office. Check out the feed until 3AM Sunday morning.