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The paintings in this gallery aren't real

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Portrait of Woman
Portrait of Woman

High-stakes art forgery is a nefarious deed so lucrative, the FBI has a special unit — the Art Crime Team — tasked with cracking down on it. Over the years, the Bureau has assembled a collection of seized fakes so impressive that Fordham University's Center Gallery just showcased some of the works with a new exhibit, Caveat Emptor. Perhaps surprisingly, the FBI actually helped the gallery's curators sift through and select pieces for the show, which include Gauguins, Matisses, Renoirs, and Warhols — or, at least, that's what the forgers were hoping you'd believe before the FBI rounded them up. Caveat Emptor was timed to coincide with a cybersecurity conference at Fordham and ended this week, but rest easy, millionaires: the works are property of the FBI and won't flood the market, ready to hoodwink you at the next Christie's auction.