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'Choose Your Own Adventure' creators want to bring classic gamebooks to life on the iPad

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Choose Your Own Adventure 640
Choose Your Own Adventure 640

After rising to prominence in the eighties, Choose Your Own Adventure books have fallen out of favor, somewhat replaced by increasingly narrative-driven video games. The makers of those original books are today launching a Kickstarter that aims to merge what was great about the old books with the immediacy of video games. Choose Your Own Adventure Choose 'Toons is a planned iPad app that takes an already-existing book in the series — Your Own Robot — and turns it into an animated adventure game.

The team behind Choose 'Toons want a massive $130,000 to make the app. With app-reward tiers starting at $6, they'll need a lot of backers. Although it's described as "the first in a series" of adventures, the decision to pick Your Own Robot as a lead title goes against the proven Kickstarter tactic of relying on nostalgia to gain backers. They'll be hoping that enough backers, nostalgic for the books they enjoyed as a child, will want to introduce their kids to a modernized version of the series.