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ZTE turns to eBay to sell Open Firefox OS smartphone in the US and UK

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Gallery Photo: ZTE Open hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: ZTE Open hands-on pictures

Smartphones running the new Firefox OS have been launched by a couple of carriers around the world (most notably by Telefónica in Spain and South America), but a widespread launch in the US and UK is still a ways off. Despite that, ZTE still wants to sell its Open Firefox smartphone to consumers willing to pay for it in those countries, so it has turned to eBay to peddle its wares. The Open is ZTE's first Firefox phone, and while it won't get any hardware geeks excited with its 3.5-inch HVGA display and low-end processor, it does give the US and UK their first look at the new web-based mobile platform. Those interested in giving the Open a run can pick it up in orange for $79.99 (£59.99 in the UK) from the official ZTE eBay store starting this Friday.