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Arcade game rental service will deliver 'Donkey Kong' to your door

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Arcade Games (Flickr)
Arcade Games (Flickr)

There's no doubt that the old arcade machines of the '80s carry a certain amount of cachet, but they're also a lot of work to find and refurbish, and they're generally not too cheap either. If you're out in California, there's a new company that's trying to make it easier to have a cabinet in your home or office — All You Can Arcade is a new delivery service that'll bring you the game of your choice for $75 per month. You can keep the game as long as you want, or swap them out every month, with no delivery or pick-up charges.

The service got its start last month when a pair of brothers started scouring the internet for cabinets on the cheap — they've come up with a service to quickly refurbish them and get them into the hands of gamers. There's a whole slew of titles available right now, including classics like Donkey Kong, Tron, Ms. Pac Man, Street Fighter II, and more. For now, the service is limited to California, though an AP report indicates the company is planning to expand to the east coast later this year.

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