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LG attempts to evoke the '70s with retro-styled LCD TV

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LG 32LN630R
LG 32LN630R

LG is looking to cash in on some nostalgia with a new television that's styled like a '70s CRT. The 32LN630R "Classic TV" is a 32-inch set that's adorned with a pair of rotary dials for changing the volume and channel, alongside a trio of function buttons, and a retro-styled panel speaker. Beyond that, it's just like many other modern sets. You'll get a 1080p IPS display, HDMI, USB, and MHL inputs, and a remote control.


Available only in Korea for now, the 840,000 Won (roughly $753) set is an extremely expensive 32-inch TV. Whether or not you want to track one down will probably depend on how you feel about its looks. LG says that the set's aesthetic evokes "nostalgia of the old days," adding that style is "important for customers looking for something trendy and special." Do you agree?