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Who made Snapchat? Upcoming court battle will decide

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Snapchat may be one of the hottest apps ever to hit the iTunes Store, but it's also the background for a huge legal battle over the company's intellectual property. Business Insider tells the whole story of how three Stanford University friends hatched the idea and launched the app — and how two of the founder allegedly froze out the third. Given the amount of money at stake here (Snapchat was recently valued at $800 million), there's no question that Frank "Reggie" Brown wants to get what he thinks he's entitled to — and while the case hasn't even reached trial yet, it seems Brown has some evidence on his side. He was given the title of chief marketing officer and was also responsible for filing Snapchat's patents, and also allegedly was the one who came up with the entire concept behind the app. Regardless of what happens, we're guessing that more drama will be unearthed before all is said and done. We'll have to wait and see if the legal drama is as riveting as the battle between Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin that formed the basis of The Social Network.