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Google Glass update adds more voice features, movie listings

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

Voice commands on Google Glass are starting to get a lot more robust. For the device's monthly software update, Google is rolling out the first voice commands that can be tapped into by third parties. So far, that includes Evernote with the phrase "take a note," and Path with the phrase "post an update." While only those two services support the new commands today, other apps will be able to add support for the very same phrases, which will give wearers the option of what service they want to use. Google also says that there's a lot more voice support for third-party services on the way, but it isn't saying what that will entail.

Today's Glass update also include several more built-in Google Now cards — those include reservation reminders, showtimes for nearby movie theaters, and local emergency alerts. Watching videos on Glass should also be a much better experience after the update: wearers will now be able to fast forward, rewind, and pause a video by swiping and tapping the touch-sensitive area on the side of Glass. For now though, that'll only work with your own videos as well as CNN's video updates.