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Dreamy music video combines household objects in disturbing ways

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The band Pinkunoizu doesn't just have one of the more gleeful psych-pop singles you'll come across this summer, they have one of the most elaborate, discomforting, and all-at-once engrossing music videos to back it up. The band's video for the track "Moped" focuses an unusually detailed eye upon common household objects and the way that they interact. It may not sound thrilling to see a wooden ring looped around a cactus or to watch a hat encompass a watermelon, but there's something oddly, subtly troubling about seeing it all happen.

The music video's director, Ewan Jones Morris, says that it was inspired by the art of Koki Tanaka (below). Tanaka's work also trains a hyper-focused eye toward the interactions of objects, though — without a song to blast over them — his videos pay much closer attention to their sound as well, creating a mood not unlike what you'd find in Jacques Tati's Playtime. Despite the works' similarities, Pinkunoizu's music video certainly becomes the more accessible of the pair thanks to its bright colors and eccentric sensibilities, which mark a stark contrast from Tanaka's objective eye.