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Audi's iPhone app uses camera to help owners find the dipstick

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Audi AR app
Audi AR app

If you've ever wondered what that random button on your car does, or where your dipstick is located, wonder no more if you're an Audi A3 owner. The German car maker, famous for its Vorsprung durch Technik, has created yet another augmented reality app that's designed to guide an owner around a car. Audi's new A3 app covers over 300 elements of the car from windscreen wipers to the oil cap. Essentially, eKurzinfo is a modern manual within an iOS app that lets you use an iPhone camera to identify parts on an A3. If your engine is overheating and there's a symbol on the dash telling you so, you can scan it and then find instructions to top up the coolant.

Audi's no stranger to augmented reality apps. The company has launched a calendar, a virtual showroom, and an interactive brochure in the past. This latest app expands on a version previously available for the A1, and it appears to be pushing closer to eliminating the complex user manuals of the past. For now, it's a useful addition that will help car owners figure out a whole host of dashboard warnings and buttons, but we're really waiting for an R8 V10 Plus version that will let us explore the intricacies of Audi's latest supercar.