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Retina iPad mini and thinner, lighter iPad coming after new iPhone, says Bloomberg

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iPad mini video review
iPad mini video review

Apple's plans for this fall are clearing up. A report from Bloomberg News today corroborates many of the rumors we've been hearing about refreshes to the iPhone, iPad, and iPad mini. The publication's sources back up All Things D's rumor this weekend that Apple will reveal a new iPhone at an event on September 10th. A redesigned iPad that's both thinner and lighter than the current model will be unveiled "later," according to the report, and it's said that it will resemble the iPad mini. Lastly, a new version of the iPad mini with a Retina display is also in the works, according to the site's sources.

Both of those rumors corroborate reports from The Wall Street Journal, meaning it's very likely that these are Apple's plans. The report today stops short of identifying when Apple will release the new iPad and iPad mini, but the Journal has previously rumored that both refreshed models would arrive sometime this year. Notably, the Bloomberg News article makes no mention of the larger, 12.9-inch iPad that's been rumored previously, and it's not clear whether we'll see an iPhone 5S or a new, cheaper model at September 10th event. We'll just have to wait and see.