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Celebrity-only Facebook app will tell the rich and famous who's talking about them

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Facebook Android stock
Facebook Android stock

Facebook is testing a celebrities-only app that will supposedly let high-profile users sort through and respond to their digital fan mail, says All Things D. According to sources, the app is being rolled out for a few of Facebook's most famous, with the goal of launching it for a broader group in the future. There aren't any details on how precisely the app will work, but it's described as serving a similar purpose as Twitter's mentions panel: essentially, it giving celebrities a dedicated place to see when people mention them on Facebook. From there, they can pick fans they might want to interact with — or, presumably, deal with negative comments.

Facebook has all but confirmed the news, telling All Things D that "we are currently testing some mobile features designed to help public figures interact with their fans." More details, a spokesperson says, will become available as it nears official launch, though we still don't know how many people will actually get the tool. Celebrities, of course, can already hire dedicated teams to manage their social media feed or use third-party apps that work across multiple services. But Facebook has been keen on making itself not just a social network but a platform for news organizations and public figures. These days, you're as likely to be somebody's "follower" as their friend. But the new app means that they stand a larger chance of seeing what you've said about them.

Update: The app is compared to Twitter's timeline, but it's not an equivalent service; so far, there's not a description of how exactly it works.