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'Grand Theft Auto' teaser site shows off the dysfunctional world of Los Santos

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Grand Theft Auto V art
Grand Theft Auto V art

Rockstar Games has been slowly leaking out info about the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V for months now; most recently, the first gameplay trailer showed off the massive world based in the fictional city of Los Santos. Now, Rockstar is filling in the details of that world with a Los Santos tourism site that's filled with the over-the-top societal commentary that the Grand Theft Auto series is known for — alongside the game's ridiculous action sequences, of course. Perhaps the best example is the Los Santos political leadership page, which shows off the state's two loathsome gubernatorial candidates — one a jock who literally gives voters the middle finger, the other a bleeding-heart liberal who wants a combined tax rate of 75 percent. Perhaps a bit less heavy-handed is the "shopping and glamour" section, showing an outstretched arm triumphantly holding aloft a high-heeled shoe — as a pack of challengers bloody that arm trying to get the prize. While there isn't any new gameplay footage to be found here, it's a microsite that does a good job of world-building ahead of Grand Theft Auto V's September 17th launch.