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Google Maps Easter egg transports you inside the Doctor's TARDIS

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Tardis Street View
Tardis Street View

While Google is experimenting with self-driving cars, balloon-powered internet, and wearable computing, it hasn't mastered the art of time travel just yet. That hasn't stopped the internet giant from trying. A recent addition to Google Maps Street View will transport you from a London street to a TARDIS straight out of Doctor Who. Inside is a full 360-degree view of a detailed replica of the Doctor's time machine.

The Easter egg can be accessed from this Google Maps link by clicking on the double-white arrows that appear in front of the police telephone box outside the Earl's Court subway station. If you're having trouble accessing it with the new Google Maps interface you can always head straight inside, but be warned you may end up wasting far too much time exploring. You won't find the new Doctor in the TARDIS, but it's definitely bigger on the inside.