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Make your own furniture with real-life Erector Set joints

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In an age of Ikea, plenty of people have learned to put together their own furniture. But what about taking it a step further and actually designing a chair or table? Polish design studio Beza Projekt decided to build on the idea of DIY culture with Patch, a simple but stylish joint designed to look like an outsized Band-Aid. "We were looking for a nice and familiar shape, and Band-Aids seemed ideal for that," Anna Łoskiewicz of Beza Projekt tells Wired. "It is a bit like if you were sticking together whatever you want."

The joints, which include five holes on each end for nails, can be arranged in any order, but Łoskiewicz encourages chaotic projects that use Patch in an aesthetic way, not just a functional one. Unfortunately, you can't actually buy them right now: the joints are in prototype, with the goal of adding more colors before release. And unless you buy a ready-made kit, you'll also have to scrounge up the furniture's wood yourself.