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'Half-Life 3 confirmed', or is it?

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Half Life crowbars (Verge original art)
Half Life crowbars (Verge original art)

The only thing at Valve's headquarters that's more mysterious than the Steam Box is Half-Life 3: a sequel to the company's legendary first-person shooter series that only seems to exist in the hearts and minds of hopeful fans. Across the internet, in chat rooms, forums, and VOIP channels, gamers have teased and speculated — with a bizarre investigative passion perhaps only matched by Glenn Beck in front of a chalkboard — about the potential of a sequel to 2004's Half-Life 2. In this bubble of speculation, every hint of information, no matter how inane, seems to lead to one inevitable conclusion: Half-Life 3 is out there. You can pick up on the trail of breadcrumbs over at The Guardian, which has traced the steps of some of the internet's most obsessive sleuths.