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eBay's My Gadgets could turn tech hoarders into impulse sellers

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ebay my gadgets
ebay my gadgets

Selling gadgets on eBay is becoming easier than ever. The auction and shopping website launched a new service today called My Gadgets that helps to facilitate sales by collecting almost every piece of tech its users’ own, automatically informing them of their going prices, and helping them to set up auctions when they want to make a sale. Users will need to add each item from their gadget collection on their own, but once that happens, eBay will pull in images for them and can keep them sorted by what'll bring in the most money — it'll even display an enticing total value at the very top of each user's My Gadgets page to let them know what the entire collection could bring in.

The service isn't a showcase of what’s on your shelf, however. Everything you list is kept private until you're ready to put it up for sale. For now, it can only keep track of gadgets, though that category encompasses everything from cellphones to telescopes to old radios. eBay tells us that it’ll explore adding other categories of products, but gadgets were apparently a natural starting place because of how easily they can be identified. Right now, eBay says that 25 million of its 120 million active users sell products — but if My Gadgets catches on, it could just start turning some of its impulse buyers into impulse sellers as well.

Update: eBay has updated its estimate for active users from 116 million, as was previously noted, to 120 million. The article has been updated to reflect the change.