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Yahoo's beautiful new weather app comes to Android

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Yahoo Weather for Android
Yahoo Weather for Android

Yahoo's redesigned weather app for iOS has been receiving praise and accolades for its gorgeous design and usability all year. In fact, the updated weather app included with iOS 7 appears to borrow more than a few ideas from Yahoo's version. Apple even went so far as to recognize Yahoo's design chops with a Design Award at this year's WWDC. Now Yahoo is bringing that same design sense and feature set to Android.

The updated Yahoo Weather for Android, available across the world today, offers the same full bleed design as its iOS counterpart, along with similarly crisp typography. Background images are handled by Flickr, and are specific to each location. In addition to the basic weather reports it previously offered, the app now provides a wealth of weather data, including 10-day forecasts, hour-by-hour predictions, chance of precipitation, wind and pressure, moon phases, UV patterns, sunrise and sunset times, an an interactive map. It also has a set of widgets that work on the home or lock screen, as well as a persistent notification in the status bar if you want it.

Yahoo Weather can sync saved locations from a Yahoo account and provide severe weather alerts. It also supports landscape viewing to get a better look at the Flickr photos on display. Needless to say, weather reports on Android just got a whole lot better looking. The updated Yahoo Weather will be available for free in the Google Play Store today.