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Top PC maker Lenovo sells more phones and tablets than computers

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Lenovo S6000 stock
Lenovo S6000 stock

Lenovo has managed to do what Dell and HP haven't: make a successful move into mobile devices. And to top it off, it’s doing this as it reclaims the number one spot worldwide for PC shipments. Today, Lenovo is reporting that its mobile device sales have eclipsed its PC sales, spurred on by strong growth in its native China, where it holds a 42 percent share of the mobile market.

The company’s also reporting that its shipments of smart devices including phones and tablets are up 41 percent year-over-year — a number that jumps to 132 percent when you just consider smartphones. And next year could be even bigger; the company has said it wants to sell phones in the US within the year. “Smartphones are our new opportunity,” said CEO Yang Yuanqing. But as far as BlackBerry acquisition speculation goes, the company isn't any closer to showing its hand than it was in January. "If a target or deal is consistent with Lenovo’s strategy, we would take the opportunity," Yang reiterated to the Wall Street Journal today, while declining to comment on "any specific target or deal."