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Kinect app that turns any surface into a 'touchscreen' debuts for $149

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Ubi Kinect
Ubi Kinect

Microsoft launched a Kinect Accelerator program for startups last year, and the results are starting to be shown. Ubi Interactive worked closely with Microsoft to create a system that uses a projector in combination with a Kinect sensor to create a virtual touchscreen that can be cast onto any surface. As many businesses already have projectors installed, most will simply be able to buy a Kinect for Windows sensor and Ubi's $149 software to turn a projector into a touch-capable unit.

The basic app will support up to 45-inch display sizes, with options to purchase professional ($379) and business licenses ($799) that provide 100-inch support. There's only one single touch point on the basic version, but a business version provides two, and the enterprise edition ($1,499) supports up to 20. The app only works on a Windows 8 PC, but as you'd expect it fully supports Microsoft's touch-friendly "Metro" environment. After a beta test with 50 organizations, Ubi is now taking orders for the software.