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'Dots' launches on Android, adds new game mode

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Dots for Android
Dots for Android

The simple, addictive puzzle game Dots is debuting on Android and the Kindle Fire today. Despite — or perhaps, because of — its basic gameplay elements, Dots has quickly become a much-loved game on iOS, where it's been available on both the iPhone and iPad. Though Dots has been exclusive to iOS for some time now, the game's developer, Betaworks, says that its Android release won't start falling behind in terms of updates: all new features and game modes down the road should hit both platforms in a close timeframe. Like on iOS, the Android versions of the game are free-to-play but include in-app purchases that allow players to more quickly obtain power-ups.

Betaworks is also debuting a new game mode today, which is launching across all platforms. Dots' usual gameplay involves connecting like-colored dots on a six-by-six grid as quickly as possible over 60 seconds. In this new mode, called Moves, players will be given no time restraints, but will have a hard 30-move limit on how many lines they can draw. And Moves is likely to be the first new game mode of many to come — Betaworks tells us that it's expanded the Dots development team, and that it's now at work on more game types. If they're anywhere near as addictive as Dots' original mode, the game could get even harder to put down.