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New 'Grand Theft Auto V' trailer shows off multiplayer

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gta v
gta v

As information about Grand Theft Auto V comes out, Rockstar has so far alternated glimpses of the fiction and footage of the actual game we'll be playing. Earlier this week, we got a clever satirical tourist site for Los Santos, and today, we're seeing some of Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer system which we caught ever so briefly in July's gameplay trailer. Since the last trailer showed us a "voyeuristic" gameplay system in which the player controls three separate characters, multiplayer could become even more interesting — and, after all, we've already seen characters flying jets.

Most of the trailer is dedicated to all the toys your characters can collect: classic cars, planes, and jet skis, to name a few. Rockstar is also promising a limited level-building tool that will let players create their own race or deathmatch maps, though sadly, you don't seem able to import a piano. The company will keep rolling out more of its own content as well; the whole system is pitched to players who will want to both compete and build a little virtual life, albeit one with a maximum of 16 players. The game itself comes out on September 17th, but Rockstar's site says GTA Online won't launch until October 1st — either way, this probably won't be the last we see of it before release.