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'Skip' the Moto X lock screen with this $20 NFC key

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motorola skip 640
motorola skip 640

We all know that it’s important to protect our phones with a password, but entering it dozens of times a day can be a chore. For its new Moto X, Google is taking on the problem with a set of NFC tags called Skip that let you bypass the Android lock screen with a single tap.

One Skip clip and three dots to unlock your Moto X

Motorola's Skip ships as a bundle that includes a single clip-on tag as well as three "dots," all of which can be used to unlock your password-protected device. The company recommends keeping the clip-on tag on your belt loop or shirt sleeve so that you can always access it with ease. The Skip dots, on the other hand, are meant to be stationary "trusted zones" — like your desk at the office or your living room couch — where you're likely to be interacting with your phone on a regular basis. The Skip works exclusively with the Moto X for now, and Motorola hasn't said whether it'll be available for other Android devices down the line.

We're a little skeptical about how easy tapping your phone to your shirt is compared to entering a four-digit PIN, but we'll reserve judgment until we can get our hands on the device. The Skip is available now from Motorola's website for $19.99, and for an undisclosed "limited time," all Moto X users who order and customize a device through Moto Maker will receive a free set. They'll only be available in gray for now, but Motorola promises that more colors will be coming this fall — something that should fit right in line with the company's recent eye toward color customization.

Update: We've updated the article with additional information about the Skip.