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Moto X available from AT&T starting August 23rd

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Moto X in hand (1024px)
Moto X in hand (1024px)

AT&T will begin sales of the eagerly anticipated Moto X just one week from today on August 23rd. Both the black and white versions of Motorola's new flagship will be available in stores and online, though we presume online buyers may opt for a bit more personalization. You'll be able to place orders through Moto Maker on the same date. The 16GB Moto X will run you $199.99, with the 32GB variant priced at $249.99 — both with new two-year agreements, naturally. A few "lucky customers" who registered their interest at AT&T's website will be able to place an order ahead of the general public beginning August 19th.

AT&T is also touting its Next upgrade plan pricing here: the carrier says the 16 GB model can be had for $27 per month and the 32 GB model is $32 per month. But we'd recommend you steer clear of Next and go the traditional route. AT&T will also be carrying the Motorola Skip, a tiny wearable that will let you bypass your phone's lock screen so long as it's within close range. Moto Skip will ship free with all Moto X purchases for "a limited time."