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HTC One finally coming to Verizon on August 22nd

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HTC One (stock image)
HTC One (stock image)

Verizon just announced that it'll finally be carrying the HTC One as of August 22nd, months after the phone launched internationally and at the other major wireless carriers around the US. It'll cost $199.99 on a two-year contract, and will come with Android 4.2.2 (all other One devices in the US are still on 4.1). The formal announcement comes a few days after Verizon launched a page where you could sign up for more info on the One, but this is just the latest in a long saga. Before the phone even made its debut, rumors started circulating that it would come to Verizon at some point this year — despite the fact that the carrier was left out of the One's introduction back in February.

In June, Verizon finally confirmed the phone was coming via a tweet — and then promptly said nothing about it for more than two months. Now, it's less than a week away, but it may have a hard time gaining traction — the Galaxy S4 has been available on Verizon for months, and there's a new fleet of Droids and the Moto X coming soon. And that's to say nothing of the new iPhone rumored for September. Still, if you've been waiting for one of the best-designed phones we've seen to hit Verizon, that wait is finally over. Of course, in true Verizon fashion, the back has two massive Verizon logos on it — but that's the price you pay when you sign up with Big Red.