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Spike Lee reaches $1.25 million Kickstarter goal to fund his next film

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Spike Lee (Spike Lee on YouTube)
Spike Lee (Spike Lee on YouTube)

Spike Lee has funded his next film thanks to donations on Kickstarter, but it ended up being a close call. With five days to spare, the project called "The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint" reached its $1.25 million goal. Lee, who has made 21 feature films over the last three decades, acknowledged that finding funding on the website was far from a sure thing, despite the fact that he's built up a rather legendary body of work. In a video posted to YouTube, Lee gets emotional when describing the process.

"I don't want to focus on the negative, but a lot of people did not bet on the mule," Lee said of his film production company, which is called 40 Acres and a Mule. "Remember — don't make that mistake again — bet on the mule." On his Kickstarter page, Lee says that "Thank you, Jesus!" the website is changing the way films get financed. "I totally understand how strange it might seem to look for me, Spike Lee on Kickstarter asking for backers," he says on his Kickstarter page. "Welcome to the world of crowd funding. Whether you like it or not it is not going away. The future is here." The director said earlier that the crowd funding successes of Zach Braff and the creators of Veronica Mars inspired him to give it a shot.

As for what Lee's next movie will actually be about, details are still thin despite the money showing up. For now, all he's saying is that the feature will be about "human beings who are addicted to Blood. Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story." Production on the currently untitled film is slated to begin in November.