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Rare, Frank Herbert-approved images of 'Dune' resurface

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dune john schoenherr
dune john schoenherr

Rare images from planet Arrakis just resurfaced after being pulled from the archives of the recently-relaunched sci-fi magazine Omni. The images, which paint a dark, bleak desert world 21,000 years in the future, were reportedly commissioned from artist John Schoenherr for the 1978 Dune calendar. "I can envision no more perfect visual representation of my Dune world than John Schoenherr’s careful and accurate illustrations," Dune author Frank Herbert said at the time.

Omni has posted nine of the detailed, beautiful images, which depict the enormous Sandworms, Ornithopter flying machines, stoic Sarduakar warriors, and other aspects of the universe featured in Herbert's novel and sequels.