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Notch's 'Minecraft' follow-up '0x10c' officially dead, but its gameplay could live on

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A game that takes place in a universe on the brink of extinction is now itself going extinct. 0x10c, a space-exploration game from Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson, won't resume development after all. In April, Persson said he had put the game "on ice" as a result of a "creative block," but indicated that he continued to support the project. Fans remained hopeful until this week, when during a Team Fortress 2 livestream, Persson said he had no future aspirations for the game.

Using spaceships to explore the universe

The title of 0x10c refers to a fictional coding error that caused people to fall into a cryogenic sleep for eons. The game begins when they awake, using their spaceships to fight enemies or simply explore the universe. 0x10c has been in development for more than a year, attracting some loyal fans. At one point, Persson live-streamed the game's coding so they could watch it develop.

Fans have expressed a desire to revive 0x10c, but the game they are now working on won't look much like the original. The leader of the effort told US Gamer that the community revival wouldn't use 0x10c's name, code, or original story. But the revival, which the community is calling Project Trillek, will retain the core gameplay from 0x10c. It's not exactly the ending that 0x10c fans were hoping for, but it's possible the spirit of the original game will live on. According to the developers, the revival will be free to play.